Why is My Gas Bill So High in the Winter?

Meta Description – Is the rising gas bill worrying you? Work on the reasons mentioned in the blog before pulling your hair out in frustration.

Do you notice a considerable spike in your gas bill during the winter months? Increased utility bills are often attributed to the cold weather and use of space heaters, but there's more to it than that. The experts at Spray Foam Asheville WNC, LLC in Black Mountain, NC, explore some reasons why your gas bill may be high this time of year--and how you can help reduce those costs!

  1. The Attic has Insufficient Insulation.

This means that the heated air circulating in the room is escaping right through the roof. The loss of heat energy indoors can result in problems, including ice dams, which can be costly to clear. Until this issue is resolved, you can't compensate for heat loss by cranking up the thermostat.

  1. The Heating System Isn't Efficient.

Check your thermostat settings, or contact an expert plumber to review them. A dysfunctional heating system may also be the reason behind the high bill. Make sure to research and compare quotes from different providers before deciding on one!

  1. Your Walls are Not Insulated

Many homes have uninsulated walls, which contributes to heat loss indoors. An uninsulated wall means the temperature drop in the surrounding conditions affects room temperature, and the heating system needs to work extra to maintain the desired temperature.

  1. Cold Floors and Cold Air Flowing Through the Ducts

Without insulation, a crawl space means you'll have to deal with the cold breeze flowing through the ductwork and pipes that freeze when the temperature drops. Then there's the cold flooring, which turns into an ice rink during winter.

Yes! If the floor feels unreasonably cold despite the heating system working full swing, you need crawl space insulation.

If you're looking to reduce your winter gas bill, consider installing spray foam insulation! You can install it in walls, ceilings, and basements - and it's a great way to keep the heat in! You will save money on the gas bill and be more comfortable year-round.

Spray foam insulation helps reduce energy costs by sealing off air leaks that contribute to heat loss in the attic space. The spray foam will also provide added thermal protection for your home's roof--and, of course, offer superior comfort during those cold winter months. Installation of spray foam insulation can help make your home more energy-efficient by sealing off any cracks or gaps where heated air may escape.

If you’re looking for a reliable home insulation contractor in Black Mountain, NC, then Spray Foam Asheville WNC, LLC is the right choice for you. We specialize in spray foam insulation that proudly serves the region making the winters bearable and your gas bills manageable. Our insulation services ensure that the warm air stays indoors without welcoming any moisture or other unwanted elements.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could prevent high gas bills? We can meet your goals through intelligent decisions about house maintenance and equipment replacement with proper planning and some attention to detail. Contact us today and get the insulation you need.